…in a silent way #12.12.13

This will be the last post for awhile….

It has been difficult trying to maintain two blogs, two Facebook pages and a website (and I’m supposed to be retired!).

I have decided to focus my blogging attention to my other blog that focuses on the sights I’ve photographed as I cross paths with the people living on this big, big planet: https://stephensimagesoflife.com

I appreciate all of the followers of this blog – from Phil Keen who joined me just 48 hours ago to Lauracee (who, besides my partner, has followed me since the beginning); Cornelia Lohs, Anton Brookes, The Background Story, Donna Amis Davis (who also lives in this part of the world), Leanne Cole and so many others too numerous to name. I’ve made some new friends here and hope that you will follow me on stephensimagesoflife. What started out as an idea to share the sights I’ve witnessed as I carried my camera around during a trip to Bermuda in July 2010 has turned into an opportunity for me to see other fantastic work (and read some fabulous stories) from around the world.

It has been a wonderful experience that I expect to continue on my other site.

So, in those famous words, Until next time!

Meanwhile, see you on the other side…

Stephen L. Tyler, December 28, 2013