Let me introduce myself….

Here we go….

I’ve tried a couple of notes on facebook, and with all that privacy stuff FB is going through I think I can venture over to a more serious method of communicating with my friends/fan base by trying this BLOG. It will be a work in progress, so please be nice with the comments:).

I try to take a camera with me every day. I currently have a beastly pair of 35mm Nikon DSLRs (D-300 & 700) – the D700 was purchased early this year. Nikon is my camera of choice since I took a class back in college for black and white developing (this is when film was in). But since I do have a day job that takes me away from pursuing this craft, it is more efficient to take a smaller (but powerful) Panasonic Lumix pocket camera. This is the second time Panasonic convinced me into purchasing one of their products that wasn’t in their well known electronic category (the first was a very good bicycle).

So there will be at least 1 image with the postings that will go here on the blog. If I’ve done this right, there will be a link to my website that will offer a wider variety of images captured through portfolios (http://www.eselteephotography.com) or galleries  (http://eselteephotography.photoshelter.com).

I hope you get a chance to visit.

More to follow….