Contemplating on a tree in the middle of the Triangle…

It has been 183 days since my last vacation, so getting a chance to do nothing – if I chose to – except stare at my belly button if it fancied me, was long overdue. So after several revisions on the destination of choice, we finally packed our bags, and flew down to Bermuda, where we found plenty of things to do over a long weekend (besides staring at body parts).

To start off with, we realized that most people we knew who visited Bermuda had only spent a day or two in country as a cruise line stop or destination. Though the cruise experience is a nice one, this island destination is less than 2 hours away on a direct flight, so why spend 2 days of a 5 day cruise on the water when those days can be traded in for touring around this beautiful island?

The hotel that was chosen was gorgeous – the historic Fairmont Hamilton Princess located right in the capital City of Hamilton, which made it a very ideal locale in terms of the proximity to just about everything except a beach. However, their sister hotel, the Fairmont Southampton, has the beach, and it is a short ferry ride away (more on that later). Now while some might say that the Fairmont is top of the line – which I won’t dispute – they are, after all, had taken over the famous Plaza Hotel in New York City – it was not terribly overpriced and the value we received for the money was very good indeed.

The hotel has a schedule of daily activities to keep their guests occupied – including an Oyster-fest to a Sunday brunch and Saturday jazz or happy hour Fridays.  

I can’t speak about the food since we only had one meal (a late lunch on our arrival) by the poolside. This was a place where I would recommend doing what we did – have all of our other meals outside of the hotel. There are plenty of restaurants to eat in – from  fancy fine dining requiring a jacket (in the evenings) to pub type establishments (where you could wear shorts – but no bare chests please!)

Of course, the people were most helpful and friendly, even if they drive on the wrong side of the street. This is probably why there are no car rentals on the island, and at $8 a gallon we were better off without. Besides, the public bus system runs all over the island (20.6 square miles in total with its broadest point being only two miles wide) and rivals the public transportation systems of other cities/countries I’ve traveled to.

Back with more later…