white white everywhere white…

Everywhere we looked in Bermuda, each structure was topped with a white roof. This at first made for a very monotonous look to the place, offset by the bright blue skies overhead and clear blue green waters surrounding the tiny island.

We soon discovered that the only source of freshwater in Bermuda is rainfall. This is collected on roofs and catchments or drawn from underground wells and stored in tanks.

Each dwelling usually has at least one of these tanks in its basement, forming part of its foundation.

The traditional roof is thus a clean white,  made with limestone and efficient in its use as a water collector.

Accordingly, the limestone in the paint helps purify the rainwater as it lands on the roof; these roofs are usually painted over every 2 years.

At least one can distinguish their own home by the colors on the sides.

I wonder if this practice is done on other island nations….bottled water can be quite expensive!!!

Just a thought.

Back soon!