take me out to the ball game

I am Brooklyn born and Queens raised, and grew up watching, loving, hating, celebrating and dying with the Mets all my life. The year they first won the world series (1969), I was shipped to Vietnam. The last time they won (1986), I had to watch the games (that they won) au natural. Some drastic contrast, don’t you think? The latter images are better seen in my head, rather than here….

I saw a game today and watched a 35 year old knuckleball pitcher mow down the division leading St. Louis Cardinals. I also thought grabbing the fans in the stands, rather than the action on the field, gives you a good idea how the Mets fared on this day….

…and then again, some of these guys just want to be seen on a big screen…

NY Mets versus St Louis Cardinals, 07.29.10; Mets won 4-0

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