Summer time memories..

Summer is winding down and time to go through the images that were captured this season while wandering about. That age old question of how to sort them out has finally sunk into my head as I think about the different categories these images fall across. I’m not referring to filing them once they come out of the camera, I have a system that keeps them in folders based on date and projects. It’s where to place them afterward, especially if there’s any additional editing to be done, across the portfolio, the galleries and so on.

People and places are pretty easy, I think, though there could be some exceptions. For example, while wandering through a street fair on a Sunday afternoon in midtown Manhattan, I spotted this young girl enjoying some corn on the cob – should this be filed under people? Or street fairs? Or food?

This can be pretty tricky when I’m looking at seasonal landscapes – a good example I discovered while earlier posting “from the side of the road”, where similar images captured during different times of the year were located under distinct gallery categories of country roads, seasonal (winter) and landscapes. Can be confusing…

So where should this be filed? Travel (because this was taken in the Philippines)? Ceremony (because this was the Feast of the Black Nazarene)? Religion (because this was a Catholic festival with Mass being performed)? Madness (because this isn’t a tourist attraction one wanders into)?

I would imagine there are other photographers that have gone through this brain tease. One thing I do know for sure – getting organized is the most important part of taking the image out of the camera. At least I don’t have to spend too long looking for something that’s been captured through the lens in the past few years. However, there are those images that were taken back before I knew better that I’ll never find again, and one or two of them will be missed.

Lessons learned the hard way.

In the meantime, this one will be filed away under “summer time memories”….

See you next time…