Why I smile all the time now…

Because you make me feel good

because seeing your smile makes every day seem so wonderful

because when I look in your eyes and see your face I know God has created a very precious being…you

because when I look at you, how can I be mad?

because you make everything seem okay

because you really believe in the good things in this world…something I have lost sight of a long time ago

because you are so innocent…yet, not really so

because I know deep down in my heart that I love you

because I know deep down in my heart that you love me

because you are good to look at, even first thing in the morning

because you are so good to look at, especially after a few drinks

because only you would let me get away with a line like the last one!

because I know that you are not the real reason why the Mets can’t win a baseball game

because you make me so happy

because you are easier to please than you think

because I love you

because I am repeating myself

because you restored my spiritual faith

because even when it is cloudy or rainy, you are good to be around

because it is easy for me to be myself and not pretend

because an hour with you is worth all the suffering I have experienced yesterday or will experience today

because with you there is no reason to be frowning

because, just because

because I am a nutty, smiling, nincompoop and you will say nincom-POO!

because it is easier to smile than to laugh like a jackass all the time, and there is nothing that funny to be doing that all day, but I can smile all the time when I am in your presence, and my face won’t hurt…

That’s why I smile all the time.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Until next time…