I have taken several images of scenic waterscapes over the years, including attempts at capturing the rushing water as it drops over a rock formation of a waterfall.

Most of the photography took place at a local park (Tibbets Brook Park) in Yonkers.

Always fascinated with the softness of waterfalls I’ve seen in different images, I always strove to repeat the feel of them (sometimes to the point of adding highlights in post production editing). Recently I’ve read about taking pictures of waterfalls in more than one of the other blogs I frequent, and quickly confirmed to myself that it was always in the setting of the camera (speed and lens opening in various combinations)…

So off I went to shoot some more images of the waterfalls in the Yonkers park, but in addition to varying the speeds and aperture settings in my camera, I also chose a different angle from which to take the shot…this time from above…

A wooden bridge crosses the edge of the pond that becomes the source of this waterfall that streams into the park’s man-made lake.

If this makes you want to drink in the drops right off the page, then I’ve done my job, and I didn’t have to add any post production highlighting…

Once Spring turns to Summer and the heat arrives, you’ll feel like jumping in and drinking up the spray… just don’t get the branches caught between your teeth!

Until next time!