street life adaptations…

In the heart of the urban landscape of Metro Manila, the sights and sounds come at you with a vibrancy both rich and colorful. Hearing the language and coming to understand the gestures and motions of the Filipinos, I am always in awe of their determination when it comes to certain everyday tasks..

For example, when crossing the street they simply hold up their hand…

I suppose this is their way of letting you know “I’m not waiting on this side of the street any longer – I’m coming, so stop your car!”

Or, when the jeepneys are making the rounds of their passenger route and there’s traffic in front of them, the solid dividing line separating opposing traffic magically becomes invisible and the two way traffic temporarily becomes one way. Of course, you need to be sure your vehicle has the power of acceleration or this isn’t advised..

I have to steel myself not to grab the dashboard when I’m faced with this kind of on-coming traffic, so brakes here are very important too!

Otherwise, having a grand time and learning a lot about getting around.

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Until next time…