night of the holy cross part 2…

A hot summer day in May ends with the witnessing of an annual celebration in a local barangay (section) of Metro Manila – Tejeros – known as the Fiesta of the Holy Cross. A gathering follows a procession of barefooted followers chosen to carry the statue of the cross on their shoulders in a circular route through the streets.

After seeing the motorcycle-led procession leave the church grounds, I returned home just before the darkened skies opened up with a deluge of water – called tubig – poured down to cool everything off. While most adults sought shelter, children especially welcomed the rain and played in the streets to cool off…

Then, as sudden as the downpour, the roaring thunder of motorcycles could be heard outside and rushing to the window, I saw that the procession was making its last rounds through the street.

I was amazed at the sight of these men shouldering their load in the pouring rain as they continued to slowly make their way through the neighborhood.

No rushing, just a faithful determination to continue with their task.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anything like this before, but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t see something like this back home, where events are regularly cancelled from “rain outs”. This celebration was to continue, rain or shine…

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