Friday night, following dinner with some new friends (the Garcia brothers, the lead singer and writer of the world renowned Hot Dog Band); a short stroll from the restaurant to a nearby hotel near the Bay Walk on Manila’s Roxas Boulevard, where during the day one can view the yachts and bancas and freighters scattered in Manila Bay.

Riding the elevator up to the Sky Lounge of the Diamond Hotel, we listened to the house band perform songs for the late night guests and sipped our drinks. Upon looking out of the window, saw the clouds clear from a day of scattered showers and took a look at the night scene below… A heavy flow of traffic was headed towards Manila, and while wondering where all of these vehicles were headed, thought to myself how nice it would have been to capture the scene.

So I took out my pocket back up camera (Lumix DMC-LX3) and took this image…

I put the setting on aperture priority and turned it down to about 3 seconds exposure time, f/2.2, set the self timer to 10 seconds, titled it forward slightly while resting it on the coaster over my drink, and held my breath while I snapped off 4 shots….

This is why I have a camera with me when I leave the house. Always….

Until next time.