when I grow up…

My Dad was a man who was full of it…

Advice, benevolence, curiosity, discipline, encouragement, faithfulness, generosity, habits, instruction, jokes, kindness, manliness, “no’s”, observance, patience, questions, respect, strength, time, understanding, virtue, wistful, yearning, zest, and most importantly, full of love.

I caught him in an off guard moment while he was reflecting on the day from his porch on his 84th birthday. I remember it being another day when he once again failed to understand what it was I did for a living, how it all involved math (and how I hated it in school), and how I was earning so much more than he ever did in his lifetime of taking care of me, my sisters and mother. I remember his pride in my accomplishments, since my chosen profession was one he thought I couldn’t succeed in, given fact that in his day, there were no “coloreds” in advertising or publishing.

I remember telling him once again how glad I was that this was the one time that really mattered that I didn’t listen to him.

I remember telling him how much I loved him, then; how few times I might have said it before, but every day since.

I remember his love of freshly made soda fountain ice cream back in the day, and his penchant for creating an ice cream soda most nights before he sat to watch his beloved Bronx Bombers beat up whatever team happened to be playing against the Yankees that day. I remember my last 2 way conversation with him, on the night of my 60th birthday. Afterward, he went to the kitchen to make this ice cream soda. He never got a chance to drink it.

My Dad would have been 88 in less than a week from today.

While I remember all these things, and more, I still wish to always remember to make him proud to have me as his son, and to one day see him again and talk about “those damn Yankees”!

I love you Dad.

Happy Father’s day. When I grow up, I want to be just like you…

Until next time..