..the other sunset…

In the Southwestern Visayas region, the island of Panay is home to the oldest province in the Philippines – Aklan.

Located off the northwest tip of the island is a 7 km long strip of an island that is known the world over for its white sandy beaches and 18 hole-72 par golf course. Once relatively unknown to outsiders and restricted to the very rich, this island paradise is now a much talked about resort with its famous blue sails, sunsets and white beaches.

As often as there are photographs of the sunset over Manila Bay, there is also an abundance of images with golden streaks of sun light across the horizon with the silhouette of the boats of Boracay and their trademark blue sails in the foreground, colorless and darkened from the position of the setting sun.

Everybody who goes there with a camera gets a few of these images and posts them on websites all over (me too!).

Here’s a point that often is mentioned in photography and usually never followed: what’s going on behind your back? Have you ever seen a sunset on the beaches of Boracay looking the other way away from the sun? It’s a pretty scene in this direction too.

So when taking a picture that everyone else has taken before you, it’s okay to snap off a couple just in case YOURS is THE ONE! But do remember take a good look around and be sure to see your entire surroundings before you put the camera away. You just might get THE ONE THAT NOBODY ELSE DID!

As always, click your mouse over each photo to get a full description/caption of the image, or the link posted here to the full gallery of Boracay

Until next time!