…back in the big apple…

It’s been a while, almost a month, since I got off the plane at JFK. Re-adjusting to my long lost river view and making plans for the future. Time once again to carry the fight to the city…

It seems like I was a visitor myself, and I smiled when I saw the portable information booth on the sidewalk. Started me thinking how this was an idea that could be used elsewhere…hmmm.

Of course, seeing the familiar scenes of rush hour traffic made me compare this to the hustle and bustle of the streets of Manila, and mid-town Manhattan scenes were only slightly different in that those colorful Filipino jeepneys were missing from the street.

Taxis, pedicabs, trucks and buses, and on the streets of each business district, the crowd of pedestrians. Yes, everything else was the same.

And for the “invisible” people that are often rushed past and otherwise ignored, well, they are still here as they were over there (and everywhere).

Leaning up against a wall to text from a street corner or checking messages in the middle of crosswalks while walking backwards is nothing new (or different).

Yes, I was back in the Big Apple, but minus those loud, smoke belching-drive-all-over-the-street multicolored multi-purposed refurbished Second World War vehicles, everything else was the same.

Well, except for the unmistakable Empire State Building and the snow removal emergency street signs on the sidewalks of Fifth Avenue…

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Until next time….