…like a rolling stone…

Dennis Garcia is one of the founding members of the Manila OPM sound machine known as Hotdog. I had the pleasure of attending their reunion concert last May in the company of many Filipino VIPs, including the country’s President, Noynoy Aquino. It was a packed house and spawned several follow up concerts around the country as well as cities overseas..

But Dennis is a man of many talents, as witnessed in a just opened exhibition of his paintings that is drawn from his admiration of graffiti artist Bansky and Sir Paul McCartney. It is called Rakenrol.

Many of the pieces – acrylics painted over giclee prints and printed on canvas – depict well known public figures of both past and present fame in the Philippines and elsewhere. Images of 2 Steves – Stevie Wonder and Steve Jobs – are included in his collection.

With such successes as a musician, creative director, newspaper columnist and blogger of influence, it is no surprise that he has been able to tackle another item on his bucket list.

Dennis Garcia, like a rolling stone….

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