…meanwhile, back at the ranch…

I left New York just before Occupy Wall Street became a rallying cry with protests taking place around the world. I even saw a pre Occupy Wall Street demonstration just a few days before getting on a plane (not knowing at the time what this was about to turn into).

Okay, so shortly after I come to this country I find out that the ex-president here has come under intense scrutiny over allegations of election fraud during her term. Suddenly falling ill with a neck and bone disease that can’t be treated apparently by the medical professionals here, she makes a mad dash to the airport in an ambulance where she is stopped and prevented from fleeing the country to get outside medical treatment.

A few days after her return to the hospital, she is served with an arrest warrant at bedside for the election fraud and subjected to embarrassing media exposure with a mug shot while wearing a neck brace. Then the press reports that she will be subject to a government run hospital instead of being placed under “house” arrest, and suddenly there’s a “plot” to eliminate her in the hospital.

You can’t make this stuff up…

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I attempt to find distractions to the reality based television drama being played out on the nightly news..

A little traveling music, if you please…

Until next time!