…manila under ground part 1…

The Manila Light Rail Transit System (LRT) is a metropolitan rail system serving the Metro Manila area in the Philippines. Although referred to as a light rail system because it originally used light rail vehicles, it has many characteristics of a rapid transit (metro) system.

Quick and inexpensive to ride, the LRT serves 579,000 passengers each day. Its 31 stations along over 31 kilometers (19 mi) of mostly elevated track form two lines. LRT Line 1, also called the Yellow Line, travels a north–south route. LRT Line 2, the Purple Line, runs east–west. The original LRT Line 1 was built as a no-frills means of public transport and lacks some features and comforts, but the newer LRT Line 2 has been built with additional standards and criteria in mind. Security guards at each station conduct inspections and provide assistance. A reusable plastic magnetic ticketing system has replaced the previous token-based system, and the Flash Pass was introduced as a step towards a more integrated transportation system.

The people you come in contact with while riding the LRT is a lot like the folks you see on the NYC subway. And just like the subways in New York, the LRT has a barely audible PA system making announcements that the riding public can’t quite make out…

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