…a land of legends…

The mural “The Coconut Industry” by Vicente Manansala hangs permanently on the wall of the UCPB lobby, seen here earlier in May, when the bank marked its 48th year anniversary with an exhibition of 48 pieces of Filipino heritage artwork from its collection of legendary and national artists.

This past week i was able to meet the grand daughter of one of these legendary national artists. Ronna Manansala and fellow artist Rigor B. Esguerra featured their works at the opening night of the “Filipinism” exhibition in Makati City.

In today’s art scene, Filipinism is a way of showing the identity of the artist by bringing into their body of work their heart, soul and living experiences growing up Filipino. In an effort to showcase the Philippines as a country that has more to offer than just 7,000 plus islands, Transwing Kunst Gallery & the German Club Manila presented this exhibition of “Filipinism” to help make Filipino art better known.

While fans and patrons of the arts showered their praise on the works of the two featured artists, this night was made even more special with the appearance of another of the Philippine art legends – Master Water Colorist Rafael “Popoy” Cusi.

It was a great night of an opening exhibition of past and future legends. Definitely for me another new exposure to the rich culture offered here in the Philippines.

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