…where america’s day begins…

Because of its western location from the International Date Line, Guam, the island territory of the United States, is the first to experience the new day in the U.S.

Guam’s proximity to Japan made its value in World War II immeasurable to both sides and played a pivotal role in the war. The War in the Pacific National Historic Park has several battle sites located around the island, with old gun encasements, caves, pillboxes and unexploded ordinance (there are warning signs for the unexploded bomb areas).

Asan beach was a focal point of the American invasion in 1944, when the U.S. 3rd Marine Division landed near Hagatna to begin a two-pronged attack to re-take the island from the Japanese. 

The village of Asan had been a fishing village in pre-Spanish times and in 1892 was the site of a Leper Colony, used for 8 years until destroyed by a typhoon. Then in 1901 the area was turned into a prison camp for exiled Filipino insurrectionists, including Apolinario Mabini, a leader against the U.S. takeover of the Philippines, who is considered a Philippine national hero.

On the monument dedicated to him, he was described as “The most prominent irreconcilable among the Filipinos”

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