…everything is illuminated #1…

After recently following fellow blogger Leanne Cole (http://leannecolephotography.com/), in which she has been putting up posts that describe her photo-editing techniques, it got me thinking about possibly creating a post or two that illustrate a simple comparison between an original image and the treatment made to reconstruct it into it’s final form. While I strive to make the image work inside the camera, I occasionally find myself making adjustments that result in a finished product much different than the original file.  Take for example this image from a recent post “pass the peas” (23 June, 2012):

The original image was shot, of course, in color – (f/6.7, 1/20 sec, 78mm, ISO 250, +0.67EV).  While it probably looks fine to many who see it, I went for the more dramatic look of black and white….

Now, on a recent trip to the island of Guam, I came across this woman who was peddling something unrecognizable on the side of the road – I suppose it is some kind of fish – and quickly snapped off a few shots before I realized that I had forgotten to re-set my exposure meter. As it was, I was rapid firing from inside the car, which further muddied the image – (f/11, 1/250 sec, 210mm, ISO 125, -0.33EV)

So I decided to go to work making a black & white conversion to see the result. I used Silver Efex Pro by Nik Software and chose to work with their template triste and tweaked slightly the sliders provided to get the adjustment I wanted:

Personally, I like the “antiqued’ timeless effect this setting gave to the image. (I’ve used it before, and sometimes I have to watch out not to overdo it.)

The point is, turning a photographic image into a work of art does take a bit of practice and a lot of patience – (f/7.1, 1/250 sec, 300mm, ISO 125, -0.33EV)

For some, like fellow blogger Leanne, the results of their efforts are quite rewarding.

Keep shooting!

NOTE: I never did find out the name of the whatnot she had hanging from her fingertips, and as it suddenly began to rain I didn’t hang around to find out….

Until next time…